Ram Nation aims to remain healthy, despite COVID

MV students and staff doing all they can to stay healthy, mentally and physically


Bradden Davis, Staff

Keeping ourselves healthy is a good goal for a lot of people, but not everyone’s definition of health is the same.  Not all have the same vision to stay healthy. 

The entirety of MV has multiple ways of staying healthy and can be described as different in the best way possible.

Kevin Pribble, MV sophomore, said ”My definition of health is being physically able with no worry of dietary issues.

Mr. Zeke Light, MV P.E. teacher and golf coach, added ”being healthy means feeling good about yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Taking care of your body, mind, and relationships lead to overall good health.”

Mr. Dustin Foster, a math teacher at MV and the coach of the Robotics group at MV, said “I haven’t had COVID as far as I know, and I feel lucky to have been vaccinated. If anything, I’ve been healthier since COVID.”

Foster added “I’ve been paying attention to diet and mental stress so I can keep my immune system working in tip-top shape and that’s yielded results in other areas.”

Roman Harrison, a senior at MV and a member of the baseball team, said If anything, I have benefited from COVID physical health-wise. I continued to work out over the shutdown and continued to get stronger.”

The obesity rate in America has been on a rise since 2018 and COVID has not helped that number at all, with more people staying inside and not being able to leave their homes.

MV students and staff are doing all they can to stay healthy, mentally and physically.