MV men’s soccer continues to build on fundamentals, teamwork

Future appears bright for program


Sayje Taylor and Kylon Shipp

What does soccer bring to MV?

Since late coach Steve Harrison initiated soccer at MV in the early 2000’s, the program has continued to gain in popularity.

How did the soccer  team develop from  freshman to senior season?

Amare Patton, ‘22, said that the IQ and chemistry went up a lot because the core players have been playing together for a while.

The development of MV soccer over the seniors’ four years together has continued to grow.

Most have played since fifth grade, so the communication has just grown, said Landon Simpson, ‘22.

What does the future of MV soccer look like?

Jake Page, ‘25, stated “The future is bright for us as long as we practice more and play more as a team.’’

What’s the  outlook on the future of MV soccer ?

“I feel like the future is bright, because of the new programs out there that give the younger players a grasp of how soccer is played the right way so the future is bright for this program,” explained Simpson.

How do players on the soccer team deal with the criticism coming from inside the school?

Simpson said he has dealt with it ever since he’s been a freshman, and he’s just ignored it.

Did COVID affect the players’ season in any way?

“It definitely did,” started Patton. “We were down six starters for six games because of COVID,” Patton added.

How serious is soccer taken more than other sports?

Patton stated “It was overlooked,” while ”Simpson also added “MV lacks the opportunity other schools have [to develop] their soccer program.”

Is soccer something these players would consider continuing after high school?

Patton added that he definitely would do it later on because there are always pickup soccer games he could play in the future.