MV theater program continues long tradition of excellence

Program allows students to develop creativity, passion for stage


Hannah Morrison, Staff

The MV theater program is one of the main sources of interest and involvement for many students. Let’s get more insight into participants’ devotion for theater.

With entertainment, there’s always motives and passions behind the drive to create.

“I love the presentation and the style it presents,” revealed Ms. Raquel Maxey, theater director.

“I am passionate about building and creating a new world in our work,” mentioned Jaylee Lisenby, ‘22, stage manager.

Being a member of MV theater takes a lot of responsibility and time. Between school and work, theater requires balance.

“I always put school first … my job works with my schedule,” stated Lisenby.

“I believe self-care is the most important, allowing a balance between spending time with your loved ones and giving time to yourself is super important,” said Ms. Maxey.

“Making a list of the things I have to do before going to theater helps me manage my time,” added Wesley Newman, ‘23,  theater member.

What pushes students to join MV theater?

“I started doing theater camp in third grade. It has stuck with me all throughout high school,” said Lisenby.

“I was never considering theater until Ms. Maxey offered me a chance to join. From then on I’ve liked it ever since,” Newman stated.

There are many genres of plays and shows that have been featured in MV theater.

What shows are liked best?

“My favorite plays that have been performed are Hello, Dolly, Jack and the Magic Beans, and Beauty and the Beast,” mentioned Lisenby.

“My favorite plays are ones that combine drama and comedy,” Newman announced.

Throughout theater many characters are played and many costumes are presented. What are a couple of favorites?

“My favorite costume was the gingerbread from Hansel and Gretel,” said Newman.

“My favorite was the final sparkly red mermaid dress that Dolly wears in Hello, Dolly,” Lisenby added.

Sometimes theater is seen as a long term goal for individuals interested in entertainment. Is it the same with these MV students?

“I would like to stay involved in theater through college, but I don’t plan on pursuing a career,” Lisenby said.

“I want to be involved in as many shows as my schedule will allow only throughout high school,” said Newman.

One of the greatest traditions at MV is the annual operetta. W.H. Beckmeyer, former MV choir director, is the one who started this tradition, providing choir and orchestra members more opportunities to perform.

The first operetta was first performed in 1942, with Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore. Labeled a true “operetta,” the name stuck, and MV’s musicals have been known as operettas ever since.