Sophomores face year two with more confidence, hope

Class of ’24 learns to be resilient


Judd Hicks and Robby Hayes

Students have different opinions on what it is like to be a student at MV. For most students, sophomore year is a big leap coming in from being a freshman.

Members of the Class of 2024 experienced a rough freshman year with COVID going on.

“Freshman year was hard because of COVID, [and] all the confusing and difficult online classes made it a rough first year of high school. But now being a sophomore and being able to go to school it is super easy, “ said Andrew Wheeler, ‘24.

Going into sophomore year the homework goes up and the classes get harder. However the Class of ’24 had a rough freshman year because of online classes, so sophomore year to them does not seem too hard.

“Being a sophomore is super easy. I thought it might be a little harder, but it’s not,” Wheeler  added.

Many students at Mount Vernon are enjoying their second year of high school this year mainly because of the in-person classes.

“School is fun now, [and] it isn’t too stressful and it’s getting back to normal compared to freshman year,” said Molly Hicks, ‘24

Every person has their own opinion on why they are enjoying being a sophomore at Mount Vernon.

“I like being here at Mount Vernon mainly because it’s not Centralia,” said Trey Mygatt, ‘ 24.

Some people in the sophomore class say that the teachers make the time spent in class enjoyable.

“The teacher affects the way I like the class. If they are boring, then I don’t like the class.  Other classes would be a lot more fun if I had a more interesting teacher,” stated Hicks.

With only two more years in high school, sophomores have to start thinking about what they are going to do once they graduate. Students feel that this is easy because of all the opportunities given at Mount Vernon.

“The opportunities in the ag department are almost endless,” emphasized Hicks.

Lots of students enjoy being in the ag department for the curriculum. Ag students feel the teachers are good at their craft, too.

“My favorite class is Ag science.  I love the curriculum and the teacher is great,” Hicks said.

Overall, most in the class enjoy being a sophomore.

“I like being a sophomore cause I’m not a freshman anymore,” Mygatt stated.

With having such a hard time freshman year, members in the Class of 2024 seem to be enjoying their time coming back to school as sophomores.