Admin, teachers, staff work to ensure school continues in COVID era

Normalcy remains at top of punch list


Lindsey McBrian, Staff

With the school year nearing the midway point, MV is sure to look a little different. COVID-19 has played a huge role in this change.

COVID-19 has affected many MV students (and their grades).

Madison McKinney, 23′, explained, “Going back to a normal schedule this year is making me feel more burnt out after having a short schedule [last year].”

Since COVID occurs via airborne particles, masks continue to be required to attend school, and there are many different opinions on this.

Alex Zinzilieta, ’23, stated, “Having to wear a mask this year sucks.

“I think masks aren’t that bad and helps to stop the spread of COVID-19,” said Zada Wilkey, ‘23.

MV teachers have been working hard to help students get back on track.

“Most of my teachers have made sure that every student has been getting the help they need,” Alexia McGuire, ’23, stated.

COVID-19 has affected nearly 190 million people in the world and has made many MV students quarantine this year. Many are not happy about it.

Zinzilieta said, “I’ve had to quarantine and it was nice at first, but then I started to fall behind with my school work.”

With COVID the school has had to make a lot of changes with social distancing and the cafeteria.

“The lunchroom is really different this year with the freshmen having to eat in classrooms,” Aiden Miller, ’23, explained.

“Social distancing has moved to three feet now instead of six feet and is helping a lot with everyone getting the classes they need,” McKinney added.

With this school year soon commencing the second semester, a lot of regulations have gone down.

“Not having to keep your distance from your friends that much has really made school more fun,” said Wilkey.

MV has really worked hard on keeping everyone safe and following regulations.

These past two school years have been hard for many students and it’s finally getting back close to normal.

“This school year has been challenging with COVID, but with MVTHS help everything is great!” McGuire stated.