MV students, staff share Thanksgiving impressions

Traditional foods, relatives, shopping all part of annual American ritual

Ryan Bendersky, Editor In-Chief

What do all the wonderful personalities of MV enjoy to eat during Thanksgiving? What do they despise during this time? What are their exciting plans during this holiday week?

MV staff have more traditional Thanksgiving favorites, while MV students give more critical opinions of their meals.

“There are so [few] things to choose from that actually taste good. Thanksgiving food kinda sucks. The only bearable option at Thanksgiving is mashed potatoes,” Eli Harris, ‘25, expressed.

“I really enjoy ham and only dark meat turkey,” added Ethan Sinnett, ‘23.

MV students clearly don’t have the most positive look out on Thanksgiving food and some don’t even have a favorite.

Izak Wisneski, ‘24, shared, “There are too many things to choose from that could describe a favorite food, but I could definitely name a least favorite.”

Our MV staff shared their favorites.

“I love pumpkin pie! Must have whipped cream,” stated MV science teacher Mr. Chris McCann

Popular MV Math teacher Mrs. Holly McKay expressed, “I love my grandma’s pumpkin pie. One of the best things I’ve ever tasted!”

Seems as though MV’s staff are fans of the popular pumpkin pie and this is shown as well from one of our very own MV lunch ladies.

“[My favorite] would have to be any pie with lots of whipped cream …you could even say it’s whipped cream with a side of pie,” shared MV lunch lady Ms. Twila Mann.

MV also has some least favorite foods during this Thanksgiving season.

“I absolutely hate stuffing. I never understood the appeal. What even is it? It looks and tastes like wet cardboard scraps mixed with some unidentifiable meat,” said Wisneski.

“I hate [specifically white meat] turkey, It’s so dry and it takes all of the moisture out of my mouth,” expressed Sinnett.

MV English teacher Mrs. Karen Slous stated, “I [dislike] my family’s wild rice and broccoli casserole during Thanksgiving.”

Besides the food, many other parts go into a great Thanksgiving season. MV students shared their plans.

Macey Prosise, ‘23, shared a more traditional plan, “I go eat brunch with my dad’s side of the family and then I have a turkey dinner with my step mom’s family.”

Liam Asberry, ‘25, shared, “This Thanksgiving, my routine is going to our condo in Gulf Shores, Alabama.”

At Thanksgiving you are always joined by your loved ones to share a great meal, MV students share their unique relatives.

Jude Erasmus, ‘23, stated, “My strangest relative is my weird grandfather. He smokes a ton and gambles all the time. He is also wanted in Madagascar.”

Harris added, “My weirdest relative is my Uncle Steve. Still to this day he always confuses the name of our dog Max, and he occasionally starts spazzing and making four-wheeler noises at dinner; [he would go] ‘BUUUM…BUUM…BUM…BUM!’”

Following Thanksgiving is the popular tradition of Black Friday shopping, MV shared their plans.

“I’m hoping to go to St. Charles in Missouri to their historic downtown to shop,” Mrs. Slous added.

Some don’t participate in traditional Black Friday shopping.

Wisneski shared, “Absolutely nothing; my family is utterly terrified of crowds.”

No doubt, this season is a great time for family fun, great meals,  and shopping.  Vernois News wishes everyone a great Thanksgiving.