Vernois News announces Editorial Staff

New editors will lead production of MV student news second semester


New VN Editors: L-R: Jacque Wilson, ’23, Ali Benson, ’23, Caden Plummer, ’22, Roman Harrison, ’22, Ryan Bendersky, ’23, and Cam Meyer, ’25

Staff Report

After twenty-one months of tumult caused in large part by the COVID-19 pandemic, Vernois News, MV’s student newspaper, is poised to soar with new student leadership in place.

Comprised of senior, junior, and freshmen students, the new Vernois News editorial board will lead production of the two arms of Vernois News – Vernois News Online, and the print Vernois News into second semester, and beyond.

A fixture of Vernois News for decades, the editorial board traditionally has collected news pieces, photos, and other information, and formatted the information into the pages of the paper, and, more recently, onto the online Vernois News site.

“I am honored to work with these new editors,” stated longtime Vernois News adviser, Dr. Jamey VanZandt.  “It definitely feels like Vernois News again, with student-driven reporting and coverage.  I am very excited to see where these editors take the publication, and I have complete confidence in their work.”

Among several key goals, the editorial staff plans to increase stories, columns, and editorials on Vernois News Online and to produce an eight-page print edition for January-February and March.  The staff also desires to increase its social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, allowing MV students a much broader range of voice.

Editorial staffers recently shared some of their interests and goals.

First up is senior Roman Harrison.  Harrison plays baseball for the Rams, acts as a Khaos Kage leader, and serves as a MVTHS Foundation Board Student Representative.   Harrison’s main interests include music, baseball, and fishing, and a favorite quote is from Bob Dylan:  “”He who is not being born is busy dying.”

Harrison stated “Being on the editorial board is a great honor.  I hope to widen the audience of such a great newspaper through both the content and the presentation.”  He added “”Writing for Vernois News has been a great experience for me.  It provides an outlet to put your thoughts into writing.  It’s been a great honor to write for this amazing news outlet.”

Next is senior Caden Plummer. Plummer played football for the Rams, and is part of the Rams Track and Field team.  Outside of school, Plummer enjoys volunteering, attending Central Christian Church, and coaching.  One of Plummer’s favorite quotes is from Wayne Gretzky:  “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

“Being named to editorial staff is an honor.  I hope that with the little time I have left on staff, I will be able to be the beginning of a new chapter for the Vernois News,”  Plummer stated.  He added “Writing for the news is a privilege and an opportunity to have a voice.  You can write about almost anything and publish it.  It’s a great way for me to share my opinions and have a voice in the school.”

Among the junior editorial staff, Ryan Bendersky serves as a RoboRams officer and Chess Team captain, and he plays on the Rams men’s tennis team.  Bendersky’s outside interests include swimming and lifeguarding in the summer, coming up with random projects and designing and putting them together – usually with electronics and 3D printing, and hanging out with friends as much as possible.  Bendersky’s go-to quote states: “If all you do is look down on people, you won’t be able to recognize your own weakness,” and comes from Katsuki Bakugou in My Hero Academia.

Bendersky said “I was surprised and happy to be named to editorial staff.  I hope with my position, I can make more of a name for myself at MV and honestly have some more fun writing for Vernois News.”  Bendersky added “I feel that it is a great opportunity to write for the student body – informing MV students feels so fulfilling, and using the column to outlet my ideas and interests is amazing.  It was a great decision to join the staff.”

The next junior editorial staff member is Jacque Wilson.  Wilson is  a member of the women’s Rams golf team, Khaos Kage, and Student Council.  When Wilson is not at MV, she enjoys participating in activities at Central Christian Church and Sub-Debs.  Among Wilson’s favorite quotes is one from Ja Morant:  “Every setback is a setup for a comeback.”  Wilson also served on Vernois News staff as a freshman.

“I am really excited.  I hope to publish a lot of content that is both informational and entertaining to members of the MV community,” Wilson stated.  She added “I love writing for Vernois News.”  It means a lot to me.  It makes me feel like a can give people a voice and the spotlight they deserve.”

The third junior editorial staff member, Ali Benson, was unavailable for comment as of press time.

Rounding out the editorial staff is freshman Cam Meyer.  Meyer plays baseball for the Rams, and he enjoys listening to music, attending school games, and hanging out with friends.  Meyer’s favorite quote is one from Kanye West:  “Reach for the stars so if you fall you’ll land on a cloud.”

Meyer stated “I hope to make Vernois News the best it can be.”  Meyer added that he hopes to pursue a career in something like this so it means a lot to him.

Writing for Vernois News is open to all students.  Currently, Principles of Media I students comprise the Vernois News reporting staff, and opportunities are available for reporting positions.  Ideally, Vernois News hope to fill 6 to 8 reporter positions to complete the staff.

Most of the editorial staff will spend one period next semester in the Vernois Publications Group offices in C114 as Independent Study students where they will complete Vernois News tasks.

If any student is interested in joining Vernois News, please check with any editorial staff member or see Dr. VanZandt in C127 or C114.  Students may also speak with their counselors in Student Services for more information.