Class of ’23 SAT interviews

Current juniors share their opinions and impressions relating to the upcoming SAT


Ryan Bendersky, Editorial Staff

On October 13, 2021, Class of ‘23 made their way to the main and auxiliary gyms at 8:00 AM for their PSAT test.
Though it was just a practice run of the actual test, many were nervous for the PSAT while others came in with high hopes.
Eli Garrett shared, “[I was] happy to see my friends.”
“I felt confident in my ability and excited to see my results,” added Jude Erasmus.
The good of the PSAT seemed to be the excitement of friends and results, what were the negative feelings attached to the event.
Zain Swan mentioned, “It was stressful.”
“It was very weird being in an environment like that”, expressed Landyn Dotson
Kaitlyn Fisher stated, “[I was] nervous, anxious, ready to be disappointed, and frustrated that we still have to take standardized testing to judge our smartness rather than our ability over a year.”
In many ways, the MV Juniors felt some discomfort in the big testing environment. This stress and distress is very frequent among students whenever it comes to PSAT and SAT tests as it can determine a lot about a high schooler planning on attending college.
Class of ‘23 next shared their impressions of their PSAT performance.
Ireland Rushing stated, “I feel I did very well, and was well supported by teachers. I am satisfied with my performance.”
Robby Hayes added, “It was very long but I thought I did good.”
Nico Bernard shared, “It was decent, but I probably should have studied.”
Some juniors felt prepared for the challenge and scored well for themselves, others were not quite happy with the results they had.
Justice Malone stated, “I was not satisfied with my performance, I think it is because I freaked myself out.”
Fisher added, “[I was] disappointed, I could have done better.”
Now that the PSAT is over and done through with, the next step is the real deal, the SAT on March 23.
A hot topic amongst Class of ‘23 is if they will be putting in effort to study for the upcoming exam. Juniors share how they will be preparing, if at all.
Dotson answered, “I will be studying, I found official books for study
Bernard similarly responds, “[I will too], by reviewing my math and english notes.”
Many others chose the popular option of studying through Khan Academy which provides SAT questions for practice.
Jackson Payton stated, “I am not studying, I plan on winging it.”
Hayes added, “I didn’t know you could study for the SAT.”
Though no one can predict the questions the Class of ‘23 will receive making it hard to study for specifics, Juniors can still prepare the best they can or go in with what they know and the experience of the PSAT.
Through the SAT there are big goals attached to it. A high or low score could determine your entry into a college you may be interested in. Juniors now share what they hope to achieve on the SAT.
Erasmus answered confidently, “I am aiming for a 1600 (the highest possible score)!”
Dotson shared, “A high score for college admissions”
Lindsey McBrian added, “[I would like] a good score.”
Class of ‘23 are ready to jump into the SAT with high hopes wether they are prepared or not. Let’s wish our Juniors the best of luck as time moves quickly towards the exam day on March 23.