Overload on nurses


Bradden Davis, Staff

During the past two years, the nurse’s office has become a major part of MV life. Nurse Tara Heinzman and Kela Johnson, Nurse’s Assistant, are hard at work to make MV Healthier and safer “ One Ram At a Time.”

Nurse Hinzman said “ I don’t think COVID-19 will ever be over, but I believe we will manage it like the flu.”

Assistant Nurse Mrs. Johnson claimed ”The office has added a new program instead of the original fourteen day quarantine it’s now down to five days with proximity ,and with the new rapid test less students are leaving unnecessarily to be quarantined. ”

Mrs. Melanie Andrews, superintendent, stated “The Nurse’s Office developed an excellent tracking system in order to identify positive cases and exposures.  This level of organization there, combined with that in the Attendance Office, really let us focus on the origination of cases, length of isolation, and return to school.” 

“ The use of BinxNOW testing to screen symptomatic individuals also helped keep students and staff here.  That was Nurse Tara’s idea to implement, and it really was a game changer for our district.” Mrs Andrews added

The Nurses Office has become a major help to MV with tracking cases and making sure that the case amount stays as low as possible. The case count of Covid-19 positive cases is at 1,238 people. 

These numbers have come directly from Tara Hinzman and informed that these cases are both people with multiple quarantine cases, not exact number of students.