RoboRams headed to Tallahassee


Caden Plummer, Editorial Staff

Since January the RoboRams have been building a robot to compete in FIRST Robotics competitions that happen throughout the country. Now it’s time to put the robot to the test.

The RoboRams will leave Wednesday to travel down to Tallahassee, Florida to compete from March 17 through 19. 

In preparation for the competition, the RoboRams hosted a robot reveal on Monday, March 14 in the D wing lobby. There were two reveal events, one at 3:30 and one at 5:45. This event consisted of showing off what the robot had the ability to do and giving attendees a preview of what the competition would look like. Refreshments were also provided. 

 Team members going on the trip to Tallahassee include Jordan Abenes, Ryan Bendersky, Gabriel Bishop, Christian Gonzalez, Eli Harris, Joseph Jones, Tayvin Kossak, Jade Kuhn, Karter Lansdowne Brendan Lowery, Jackson Mills, Logan Richardson, Cassie White, Alex White, Hayden Williamson and Izak Wisneski. The RoboRams are advised by MV faculty Mr. Dustin Foster and Mrs. Karen Slous.