Mrs. Katy Burns rocks retro Vernois News gear for Way Back Orange & Black Day

2003 Vernois News Managing Editor shows off sweatshirts made for the staff back then.


Mrs. Burns and her 2003 Vernois News sweatshirt.

Cam Meyer, Editor In-Chief

It’s Spring Fling week here at MV, and along with the Pep Rally and dodgeball tournament, students get to participate in different spirit days.

As we dance through the decades with Spring Fling week, we will participate in different clothing days such as the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s Days, Way Back Orange and Black day, and finally Class Color Day.

On Way Back Orange & Black Day Mrs. Katy Burns wore a Vernois News sweatshirt that dated all the way back to 2003.

“When I went looking for retro rams gear I didn’t think I had anything left, but I found this sweatshirt and I didn’t know how it survived, because I never wore it because it had that stupid nickname on the front,” stated Mrs. Burns.

She earned this sweatshirt by receiving the title of ‘Vernois News Managing Editor,’ for her senior year, the only year she participated in the actual Vernois News program.

“I really did enjoy my time in Vernois News, and I wish I got involved in writing sooner than my junior year,” Mrs. Burns said.

You might be wondering what that ‘stupid nickname’ was that she was referring to is.

“I didn’t really have a nickname to put on the shirt like the others, so some of the boys came up with the name K-Tastraphe,” revealed Mrs. Burns.

This week has been nothing short of fun with the dodgeball tournament, clothing days, and the pep rally to finish it all off.