MV Teacher Gets Promoted to Captain in National Guard

Mr. Dylan Moore promoted to Captain in ceremony held in A lobby.


Captain Moore smiles for photo with attendees of ceremony.

Jacque Wilson

On Friday, March 11, MV’s Mr. Dyan Moore, Communication Arts, was promoted from 0-2, First Lutinent to 0-3, Captain in the National Guard in a ceremony held here in building A lobby. 

“Sometimes promotion ceremonies can be held wherever the person promoted wants if their chain of command approves of it. The school has supported me through countless drills and a year-long deployment, so I wanted to hold it here,” Mr. Moore shared.

Staff, family, and friends were present to witness the ceremony held, immediately after school.

“I wanted to be surrounded by the people that mattered most to me: my family, my friends, and the Ram Nation students and coworkers. All of the aforementioned have sacrificed quite a lot because of my deployment so they are worth recognizing as well,” stated Mr. Moore.

Some touching remarks were made in honor of Mr. Moore.

“My former superintendent from Quincy Senior High School, Brigadier General Roy Webb said that I had a lot of potential. He mentioned being proud of my accomplishments so far, which meant a lot coming from a mentor,” Mr. Moore shared.

Mr. Moore’s son, Elijah,  also had a role in the ceremony.

“I spent a year away from him, which took a big emotional toll. I try to spend as much time with him as possible these days and I’m happy he could share my success with me.  He said, ‘Good job, Daddy!’ just after the pinning ceremony.  That meant a lot to me,” Mr. Moore said.

Mr. Moore also shared remarks on the life-size cutout of himself displayed in the quad.

“I originally ordered that for my son while I was deployed so that he might recognize me when I got back.  When I came back, I no longer had a need for it, so I placed it in Mr. Fatheree’s office without asking. He placed it in someone else’s office without asking, and before I knew it, I was the Guardian of the Quad, looking ominously out the window. I think it should supervise the next school dance,” Mr. Moore remarked.  

If you see Mr. Moore in the halls, feel free to congratulate him on this high honor.