MV Librarians Meet Interesting New Students


Mrs. Eubanks, Guiliana, Guilia, and Mrs. Garrett pose for photo.

Jacque Wilson

Giuliana Dantas,’24, and Giulia Meirelles, ‘24, are new students at MV.

“They are both very quiet, and always have a smile on their face,” stated Ms. Gayla Eubanks, MV Librarian.

Giuliana and Giulia moved here from Brazil.

“American high school is different than I expected, it is more difficult,” stated Dantas.

Meirelles agreed, adding, “The school is different, but the food is what I noticed is the most different than I was expecting.”

When they first enrolled at MV, the girls were introduced to the librarians by their counselors.

“They seem to have picked up English very well,” shared Ms. Eubanks.

“We speak Spanish and Portuguese well, but English has been harder to translate through the phone,” stated Meirelles.

The students have found what they enjoy at this campus.

“Art class was really fun. I developed talents such as painting,” stated Dantas.

Meirelles also enjoys art class and helps in the library 3rd hour.

Giuliana and Giulia surprised the librarians with Brigadeiros, a Brazilian dessert.

“Brigadeiros are like candies for parties and birthdays.  They are made with chocolate, butter, and condensed milk.”

If interested in meeting some amazing students, visit the Media Center 3rd and 4th hours and speak with them or the librarians.