Student Council Puts Wrap on Chagnon Gymnasium’s Doors

The Culture Committee, a branch of Student Council, raised funds for project.


Jacque Wilson

The doors leading into Stanley Chagnon Gymnasium have recently been updated.  Previously consisting of plain beige paint the doors are now covered with wrap displaying Ram Pride.  

We have the Culture Committee, which is a branch of MV’s Student Council, to thank for the new addition.

The committee is comprised of Student Body President, Emma Accomando, ‘22, and members Reagan Schmidt, ‘23, Justice Malone, ‘23, and Sayje Taylor, ‘23.

“I am very proud of our council and the determination of our members to get projects completed. I am also very thankful for the staff members on the committee for letting us take part in these projects and always letting our voices and ideas be heard,” remarked Accomando.

The Culture Committee is a joint committee of MV board members, Administration, and Student Council.  The Committee’s primary purpose is to bring projects that add life and pride to the MV building and campus.

Aside from the wraps, the committee has done many other great things.

“We have also installed 15 bulletin boards around the school and held a ceremony for the installation of the WWII plaque at the new campus,” stated Schmidt.

The committee is not done improving the atmosphere of the school.

Schmidt shared, “We have plans to move the orange sculpture from the quad to the front of the school by G building, we plan to add more wraps to doors, we plan to add photos and inspirational quotes around the school, and so much more.”

Students and staff appreciate the door wraps.

“I think the wraps add such a nice touch.  When you go to other schools you see so much school pride displayed and it can make our halls seem plain.  We are definitely moving in the right direction,” stated Ali Benson, ‘23.

Athletic Director, Mr. Seth English, also is impressed by the wraps.

“Culture Committee is great and will continue to do great things for MVTHS. Keeping our history around is very important, it reminds us of where we have been and can also teach us a lot about MVTHS. Our school has a long history, the culture committee has the task of capturing that history and putting it on display in our high school,” English shared.

Mr. English takes great pride in MV.

“What makes MV so wonderful is the different opportunities it provides to its student body.  None of these opportunities happen without the dedication of the teachers and staff in our district.  It would be very easy for teachers to simply come to work, collect a paycheck, and head home.  But I feel the majority of our staff at MV refuse to be comfortable, they are dedicated to providing a quality education and a rememberable experience for all students here at this campus,” English stated.

The Culture Committee originated during the 2019-2020 year.  Members who initiated the committee included former Student Body President, Emma Bendersky, ‘20, and Grant Smith, ‘20.

Dr. Jamey Van Zandt, Student Council co-advisor, envisioned the committee, to further campus and building projects.

“The murals designed and painted by Charu Jain, ‘20, were our first initiative,” Dr. VanZandt stated.  

“After getting the murals completed, we wanted to continue the process of enlivening the buildings and campus,” he added. 

Other Culture Committee projects completed include the barn quilts in F lobby and historical wraps of the former campus at 320 South 7th for the museum display cases in the building A lobby.

Keep your eyes peeled for more interesting additions put in place by the MV Student Council Culture Committee in the future to make our high school stand out.