Class of 22′ Last Quarter at MV

Current senior class shares their thoughts as they enter their final weeks at MV


Senior section at the final pep rally of the year

Ryan Bendersky, Editor In-Chief

As 2021-22 quickly moves towards its end, MV seniors probably have the most thoughts and emotions during this time as it is now their final quarter. 

The Class of ‘22 saw its first year unfold as a traditional year from start to finish. However, their sophomore year was normal for the most part until March when COVID-19 shut down school. After the shut down, this class got to experience hybrid learning their junior year and a move towards normality this year. 

Seniors shared how it feels to now be in the final stretch.

Emma Accomando, Student Body President, answered, “Bittersweet! I’m sad to leave MV, but excited for the next chapter.”

Anna Kosierkiewicz added, “[I feel] sad that I won’t see many of my friends again but glad to be [almost] done with high school.”

The mixed feelings of the soon-to-be departing senior class show how much they are going to miss their second home, but also demonstrate their preparedness for the future.

EmiJha Butler shared, “It feels relieving. High school comes with plenty of tribulations, and I’m proud of myself for getting through it all.”

Jordan Abenes expressed, “It feels satisfying to be in my last quarter at MV and I’m proud of the growth I’ve had as a person and a leader from how I was as a freshman.”

Some members of the Class of ‘22 feel ready to move towards the future with their achievements and growth they earned through high school. What are some plans for after high school?

Caleb Belmont answered, “[I will] go to school for several years, obtain an internship with the FBI, and eventually become President.”

Chloe Pigg added, “I plan to go straight to Kaskaskia College, get my pediatric RN, and hopefully live happily after that.”

Roman Harrison mentioned, “[I plan to] play baseball at Quincy University.”

MV seniors have definite plans ready for the future after their time in MV closes. Will they miss high school life or are they excited to move towards the next step in life?

Caden Plummer shared, “I’m ready for the freedom of living on my own but I’m going to miss the friends that I’ve made.”

Cye Ham expressed, “I’m very excited to leave, but I will miss high school and all of my friends.”

Truly it is a bittersweet moment for most of the departing seniors as their days at MV slowly move towards their end.

In these last few weeks, Class of ‘22 reminisced over their favorite memories as a Ram.

 Butler stated, “[My favorite memory was] when the football team broke the curse and won the first game in years.”

Abenes added, “My greatest memory at MV was going to a First Robotics Competition in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with RoboRams during my freshman year.”

Harrison expressed, “The best part of my time in MV was leading the Khaos Kage. GO RAMS!”

As we send off the beloved Class of ‘22, let’s wish them best of luck in the future and not forget their Ram Pride.