Students join 50 Yard Challenge

Mrs. Schuette’s class is excited to start work in the community


Students pose for photo with tools for the challenge.

Most of us have had the experience of mowing our yards, picking up trash, or shoveling snow out of our driveways. What if these everyday chores could be turned into work with a non-profit organization to help the community and give the kids a great experience into the world?

It is possible, and it is known as the “50 Yard Challenge.”  Started in 2015 by Rodney Smith, Jr. in Huntsville, Alabama, the program has grown over the last seven years.  The organization now has students mowing lawns on a volunteer basis in all 50 states. 

Each volunteer must do 50 yards, each but are allowed to team up.  In fact, they are encouraged to work together. 

After volunteers finish a lawn, they take a photograph of the yard and send it into the organization.  After every 10 yards they receive a new shirt to show their commitment to the community, according to MV special education teacher Mrs. LeeAnn Schuette. 

Mrs. Schuette not only signed her students up for the challenge but she has also applied for a grant from the school to buy them supplies to complete this challenge.

 “It could take up to 2 years before we finish because of the amount of yards we would have to complete, because of the number of students we already have included in it this year,” Mrs. Schuette said. 

“Once all the yards are mowed, which will take a while, we will receive a mower, weed eater, and a blower,” according to Mrs. Schuette.

For more information about the 50 Yard Challenge or how to assist the MV Team, contact Mrs. Schuette in C110.