Join Us In G-Wing

Emily Peck shares valuable information about life in G-Wing


Emily Peck, Staff

“Here in the G-Wing, the shy become confident, the agitated become calm, the lonely become included, and the lost become found”, mentioned Mrs. Chelci Holden, MV music teacher

For those who don’t know, G-Wing is one of the best buildings in the whole school. There are many things to do in G-Wing including: Choir, Guitar, Art, Band, Orchestra, Piano, Music Production Recording Technology, Scene Shop for Stage Crew, and much more.

G-Wing is fantastic because it isn’t just students taking classes they don’t care about, with people they don’t know, we are all a family. 

With so many music and visual arts courses, there is a place for everyone. You could learn to sing, learn how to play a new instrument, and walk across the hall to experience art history, create digital & visual art, or even give your dreams and doodles shape in the ceramics room.

We also get to do exciting things being in any music class. This coming spring break, anyone taking a music class has the opportunity to go on a trip to Chicago. 

Also, if you are in a music class, we do concerts that are a lot of fun and that can show other people how hard we work to be able to succeed in our field. Being in art class, students can have their art displayed in G-Wing throughout the year and during the art shows, students can win awards for their art.

Mrs. Holden stated that, “G-Wing is an area that feels like a family full of diverse, talented, and expressive individuals, way more than the term ‘elective’ could ever describe.” 

Why not join the Fine Arts Fam to experience the dramatic difference one of these courses could make in your life? 

So, join our family in G-Wing. We will see you there!