MV Student Section Hopes for a Fun Year

Students share highlights of Khaos Kage


Jacque Wilson, Managing Editor

As many realize, MV is home to a rather notorious student section.  The “Khaos Kage” as we call it, consists of the MV student body who participate in fun themes of dress and engage in cheering at sporting events.  

This year, the Kage is experiencing a lot of fun new opportunities. 

“I always preferred basketball games because they allotted more fan involvement, but with our new football team, FNL is more exciting than I thought it could be,” stated Alicia Benson, ‘23.

Every year a senior or group of seniors are selected to be the Kage leaders.  The responsibility of Kage leader consists of planning themes, starting chants, and getting the word out to the student body about events.

“I plan on making this year enjoyable and letting people have a say on certain things this year. I am really excited to lead the kage along with other members of my class,” stated Sydney LaLumondier, ‘23.

Many students enjoy participating in the themes.

“My favorite dress up theme so far has been beach night,” stated Benson.

Maddy Snodsmith, ‘25, countered, stating, “Impersonation night is my favorite dress up night I have experienced so far.”

Though students have appreciated themes of the past, some students are excited to see what new themes this year has to offer.

“I am really hoping to get a ‘punk night’ this year,” stated Jude Erasmus, ‘23.

This is the class of 2026’s first year as official members of the Khaos Kage.

“It is definitely exciting to be in the bleachers with your friends cheering on the Rams!  Being in the Kage so far has exceeded my expectations,” stated Maggie Bradford, ‘26.  

MV students provided a plethora of answers when asked their favorite part of the Kage.

“I love when it gets heated and everybody is screaming their heads off,” stated Sophia Ziegler, ‘24.

“My favorite aspect of the kage is the adrenaline rush we all feel together when we score or the game gets close,” stated Trey Whipps, ‘24.

For some students, the Kage is more than just a group of spectators.

“Being a member of the Khaos Kage makes me really happy.  For even a split second, the Kage can make all of your high school problems not matter so much because you are in the moment, with your peers, and having fun,” shared Whipps.

Not only is the Kage important to students participating, it is also important to the teams it cheers for.

Dan Mings, head football coach, stated, “The cage has been so huge for us this season. The energy and crowd noise is a big part of football.”

For more information about the Kage, the official Khaos Kage Instagram is a great place to start.

“Please follow and repost @mvthskhaoskage for game information and theme announcements,” said LaluMondier.