Class of ’23 Mr. MVTHS: Jude Erasmus

HOSA, FBLA, and NHS President; How Does He Do It?


Ryan Bendersky, Editor In-Chief

At every high school, there are students who seem to stand out, students who rise to the challenge, students who lead others. MV senior Jude Erasmus is one that doesn’t fail to exceed any of these attributes.

Erasmus was not only named Class of ‘23 “Mr. MVTHS” last May, he is also  heavily involved in many activities.

At MV, I serve as the president of National Honor Society, FBLA, and HOSA. Additionally, I am the president of Illinois HOSA,” expressed Erasmus. 

Erasmus takes on numerous responsibilities earned through his years in these organizations. What does this future leader enjoy about serving in these positions?

Erasmus answered, “I love serving the members of each club as they help develop my leadership and organizational skills.”

Erasmus, who moved to Mount Vernon prior to starting 7th grade at St. Mary’s School, earlier grew up in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Along with his on-campus extracurriculars, he is also enrolled in 5 AP courses which in itself is quite the challenge. But even then, his daily schedule is not done there.

Erasmus added, “My major hobby is powerlifting/bodybuilding. I work out almost every day and follow a strict diet year round. As a result, I wake up early daily and “pay my dues” [at the gym] before school starts.”

With all of these activities, classes, and responsibilities, where does he find time to relax? How does he balance this busy school life?

Erasmus stated, “It all comes down to balance and sacrifice. I wake up at 4 am everyday to ensure that I complete all the items in my schedule. I diligently keep track of all assignments as well as due dates. I know that I am busy and I don’t let that affect any other aspect of my life; I make sure to spend time with family and remain social.”

Accomplishing this takes a lot of self-determination. How is Erasmus different from the typical MV student?

Erasmus answered,“I believe discipline plays a major role in my life. I frequently lack the motivation and will power to complete certain tasks, but that is when my strict understanding of discipline allows me to push through and accomplish whatever I set my mind to.”

To pursue an attitude of such, one must follow a mindset to guide them to success.

“My mindset sets me apart from other students. I have adopted the ‘Winners Mindset’ and I make sure to make the most of every opportunity that comes my way. [I believe] others do not think that way,” mentioned Erasmus.

Erasmus is certainly a student like no other. What has he accomplished with this mindset?

Erasmus answered, “The insight I’ve gained into the lives of students from all walks of life, as well as the relationships I have made that will last a lifetime. I know that my presence at MV is able to make a positive impact in the daily lives of students. This understanding is my biggest accomplishment.”

After his time here at MV, Erasmus plans to attend Washington University in St. Louis to pursue a career in medicine. Before college, he offers MV some words of advice.

Erasmus expressed, “Be open minded. Get comfortable in being uncomfortable, enter foreign academic settings, and prioritize the process over the end result. If you are able to do these three things I guarantee you will find your place in the world.”