Khaos Kage: Trouble in Paradise?


The Editorial Board

The MV student section, or Khaos Kage as you may know it, has experienced some turmoil within itself this year. Discrepancies over who leads the Kage have taken away from its true purpose: to support the Rams. Arguments such as who can start cheers, when to start cheers, and what to cheer have our Kage pitted against itself.  

Historically, the Kage has been dominated by seniors.  The Kage leader and helpers have been members of the current senior class and have been in charge of theme selection. However, this year, other classes have stepped up and decided to take more of a leadership role in the Kage. Juniors have proclaimed themselves to be leaders while Sophomores have attempted occupancy of the front rows at sporting events.  The Freshmen class has done a good job of showing up, however, they aren’t very loud. As a result, Seniors’ frustration is mounting.

Not only is this year proving to be a battle of the classes, but also a battle within the classes. Multiple times this football season only half of the Kage would participate in chants while the other half remained silent.  This is due to the belief that if MV has not done or is not currently doing something positive on the field, it is not appropriate to cheer. 

There is no doubt that this football season has proven very successful.  However, the new and improved football program has allowed students to quickly forget that we were not always a winning team. In prior seasons, we would cheer whenever we could.  Encouraging our team to shake off a mistake and lifting up our team while we’re down is vital for morale on the field.  

The MV loyalty says it best: “Whether we win, whether we lose, we’re with you boys [or girls], we’re with you.” Supporting our team is the ultimate goal of any fan section.  We hope that the rest of MV will be able to put aside the politics and just support the Rams as football season continues and transitions into winter sports.