School year is in full swing; and so is stress

MV students share their experiences and advice for dealing with stress.


Jacque Wilson, Managing Editor

With the first semester midterm quickly approaching, the feeling of a new school year is fading away as are experiencing the stress.

“I am feeling a lot more stressed than I was at the beginning of the school year.  Senior year comes with a lot of responsibilities.  The challenging coursework is a lot, but added in college applications and scholarships are definitely contributing to stress,” shared Callie Prost, ‘23. 

“This school year has definitely picked up its pace, leading to more stress,” shared Charlie Houle, ‘23.

Students at MV have various ways of dealing with stress.

“Whenever I feel stressed I always clean my room.  It helps clear my head a little bit and gives me a good place to work,” offered Sophia Ziegler, ‘24.

“Anytime I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed I always make a checklist.  It helps me visualize what I need to do and helps me track progress.  Also, it feels very accomplishing to have all of my boxes crossed off.  If all else fails I will take a nap,” shared Finley Clugston, ‘24. 

The average school year is stressful on its own, but today’s high schoolers are experiencing school post-coronavirus for the first time.

“COVID allowed me to procrastinate.  I think that now school is back to normal I can feel myself getting overwhelmed because of this bad habit of procrastination I formed,” stated Prost.

If you ever are feeling super stressed and overwhelmed, know there are options.  Reaching out to friends, staff, and Student Services are always options for students at MV.