MV Welcomes Several Exchange Students


Matteo Aprile, ’23, and Alice Feltrin, ’23, at 2022 Homecoming

Ryan Bendersky, Editor In-Chief

Our student body may notice the impact made by MV’s new exchange students. With the 2022-23 year being the first COVID free school year in 3 years, this gave MV the opportunity to bring in fresh faces from around the world.

The responsibility came upon Ms. Julie Littlefair to register these exchange students. She shared her thoughts on our beloved new MV students.

“I am excited to have these new faces around [MV] and for them to share their culture with the student body,” shared Ms. Littlefair.

This is truly a great opportunity for MV and these special students, but why did they decide to become exchange students? What led them to choose this path away from home?

Italian exchange student Alice Feltrin, ‘23, answered, “I decided to become an exchange student here because I wanted to experience the American dream and test myself without the direct help of my family.”

“Having this opportunity is thanks to my parents who know my love for “adventuring” and I am grateful for this amazing life experience,” expressed Spanish exchange student Pepe Garcia, ‘23.

Italian exchange student Matteo Aprile, ‘23, added, “I [wanted to] see a new culture, lifestyle, and mindset.”

These passionate students clearly know their intentions in studying abroad and stepping away from the comfort of these homes. What did these students enjoy at their life back home?

Garcia shared, “Back home, my favorite activities were creating and studying art, making fun plans with friends, and surfing.”

Aprile added, “[I enjoyed] playing sports, barbecues, and parties.”

Feltrin answered, “Playing tennis, reading, and hanging out with friends; nothing special.”

Seems as though our new members of the student body had busy lives back home, but what about their lives at MV have they enjoyed so far?

Aprile answered, “My time with my host family, school activities, and meeting new people.”
Feltrin mentioned, “The welcome I’ve received from my [host] family and at school. Also the tennis team is fantastic!”

Garcia expressed, “The short answer is people. The time I’ve been here has proven to me that no matter where you are, the people will make your experience better or worse. I’ve quickly learned that the people of MV are great, helpful, and humble.”

MV has proven to be a place for these students to learn and have fun even thousands of miles away from their homes. After they return to their countries, what do they plan to do in their futures?

Feltrin answered, “When I come back to Italy, I’ll probably study languages or engineering at university.”

Garcia shared, “After this period in the USA, I will go to Fine Arts College in Spain, because it is my passion.”

As MV warmly welcomes and treats these impactful students, our school is helping build future success in their futures abroad. 

Garcia lastly expressed, “I want to encourage all students thinking of doing something ‘risky’ to just do it. Once you take action, you will end up a better person than before.”