Bump in the Road

MV installs new speed bumps throughout campus

Bump in the Road

Kolton Dudley, Staff Photographer

MV recently installed new, improved, speed bumps around campus at the beginning of October. 

Mr. Rowdy Fatheree, principal, during an interview, said, “Every year we struggle to have the yellow speed bumps out because of the winter weather. The speed bumps get taken out by the plows and we need them for safety.”

MV parking lot was deemed unsafe after several accidents that took place during school hours and events. 

“The objective for the new speed bumps is to protect pedestrians, students, staff, and visitors,” Fatheree stated.

Students have also noticed that there’s still room in the parking lot to do donuts, how does the school plan on eliminating that?

“It wasn’t our first priority to eliminate donuts. It was a bonus to take care of some of that. We realize it won’t completely stop donuts, but for now, it will slow some of that down. We might also go through a second phase where we get more but for now, this is a great start,” Mr. Rowdy Fatheree said.

Students are convinced that this was a waste of money and that the new speed bumps aren’t doing what they should for the campus.

“I don’t think they help any because people still fly over them. I also think that when it snows and they have to plow the parking lot, they are going to go over the speed bumps and damage the plows,” Alaina Maurer 23’ states. 

It has also been raised to concern that the new speed bumps are more dangerous than the previous set we had. 

“I think they’re more dangerous than the last ones. I also don’t like how they are the same color as concrete because people don’t know when to slow down. It has become a safety hazard here on campus,” Alaina Maurer ‘23 said. 

The speed bumps are transparent to the concrete under them. Students believe it’s a safety hazard because they aren’t noticeable. 

“As soon as the bumps get finished and are cured, they will be painted yellow to be more visible,” Brian Rightnowar, Operation Staff, stated. 

Students and staff have different opinions on the speed bumps throughout campus. What do you think about the new feature?