How VZ Has Helped Me


Dayton Harper, Staff

As my senior year here at MV has progressed, I have started to realize some smaller things about my way of reading, doing mathematical problems, and comprehending overall, I hated school. Yeah, I said it, I hated school. In years past, I would skip as many days as possible to avoid the anxiety of reading out loud or embarrassing myself in my math classes due to never having the answer correct. But with the help of Dr. VanZandt, everything has changed. 

For as long as I can remember, any school subject was never my strong subject. I struggled with reading and writing and of course, math. I would fail the small diagnostic tests with reading starting in 3rd grade and that did not click with me until this year. 

On my first day of senior year, Dr. VanZandt had me with reading, writing, and reading aloud. I have him for two classes throughout the day:  Principles Of Media I and AP Language and Composition. In Principles Of Media, I have to write every day and sometimes read handouts. In AP Language And Composition, I have to read out loud a lot of my work, write in my Reading Journal and Pro Model notebooks, and read the LOC book.   I still do not think to this day Dr. VanZandt knows what it has done.  He is helping me overcome my learning struggles. He has given me time by allowing extensions and in-class time. He has given me a chance to thrive within my two classes with him by working with us as humans, not just students.  I am still working on furthering my progress in improving my academic struggles to make them academic successes.

 Dr. VanZandt, I could say, has changed my life in such a way I could never fully thank him for it. He has definitely helped me the most. Regarding all the teachers I have had throughout my years at MV, I have had some amazing teachers guide me through my struggles just as Dr. VanZandt has. Dr. VanZandt will always be the one teacher whose help stuck out the most to me. 

All around, school is not my favorite place. I used to only come for my music classes because they were the only classes I fully enjoyed, now I have two other classes I love almost more than them because of how well Dr. VanZandt teaches and pays attention to his students. I did not think as a junior choosing my senior year classes I would enjoy his classes the most but now that I am in them, I most definitely do.