Maurer’s Halloween Experiences


Alaina Maurer, Opinions Editor

When I was little I never liked dressing up for Halloween. I really do not know why. My parents even dressed me up in cute little costumes, but I never wanted to keep them on. Sometimes my costumes were chosen by my parents, grandparents, or myself. Ever since I was a baby my parents dressed me up for Halloween. My first Halloween costume was a bear when I was just a newborn. One year my mom and I dressed up as chefs. That costume was my favorite one to wear, even though I hate wearing costumes.

Every Halloween, we would go to the same people’s houses. Most of the years my family and I would skip some of the houses because we were too tired and wanted to go back home and get to bed. I would always go to my grandparents’ house first because they go to bed very early. After we were done there we would go to some of my parents’ friends and then we would go to my grandma’s church for the “Trunk or Treat” that they have every year. My grandma and her sister would always dress up and come up with the most hilarious costumes. I would always enjoy going to it every year. After we were done there we would go to my neighbor’s house and stay a while until my brother and I were all Halloween’d out. 

When we both got home my brother and I would dump all of our candy out onto the living room floor and we would count how many pieces of candy we got. I would always win because I had the bigger hands at the time so I could grab more candy at once than he could. He would get so mad every time. I would laugh and laugh until it was time to get ready to go to sleep.