The Highs and Lows of First Semester


Phoebe Haile and Makenly Miller

With the first semester ending, we looked at some students’ and teachers’ perspectives on the highs and lows of the semester so far, as this could be considered, the first normal year back at MV. 

Students and teachers were asked what the toughest part of their year has been.

 “I would say adjusting to my new classes,” stated McKenzie Hughes ‘25. 

 A lot of students said they struggled with balancing a social life and a school life.

“The toughest part of first semester has been juggling extracurriculars, school work, and my social life,” said Alistair Clodi ‘26.

 Coach Dan Mings, Football added, “There really hasn’t been. I haven’t had a bad day here.” 

With lows, there also come highs. 

“The best part for me personally has been meeting new people and joining the tennis team,” shared Hughes.  

“The best part of the semester was homecoming, meeting new people, and the homecoming assembly,” commented Morgan Goodheart ‘24.

Coach Mings stated the best part of the semester so far has been “winning.”

Every teacher can attest that they all have rewarding moments in their career.

“I think the most rewarding moment of the first semester would be our fall baseball workouts, culminating with our fall world series and our world series party,” added Mr. Pierce Borah, Social Studies.

“Well there has been a lot, but if I had to lump it all together seeing the school get behind the team and be very supportive,” stated Mings.

Mrs. Holly McKay, Math commented on the subject by stating  “Watching students become successful adults.” 

Improvement can be a daunting task but MV students have a plan for next semester.

“I can improve my work ethic and complete all my work to the best of my ability,” commented Hughes. 

“Probably plan accordingly with anything I have to work on,” said Cam Meyer, ‘25. 

“There are several ways I can improve as an educator. I need to increase my level of engagement with all my students. I need to organize my classroom management skills, and I currently need to build upon the systems I have in place,” shared Borah.

Mrs. Holly Mckay stated, “Be more reflective and create more moments of self-discovery.” 

Lows and highs are a part of life, and embracing them is how we can improve ourselves.