MV Students Reflect on this Covid Restriction Free Year.


Savana White, AP Contributor

Our MV students have braved covid and are ready at every game to cheer on the team with their whole hearts.

“My favorite moment of this year was cheering for the first home football. I enjoyed seeing the stands completely packed and of course, Rams win,” stated Callie Prost, ‘23.

Football games are the backbone of our school and students. However, coming off of a COVID year more than just football is fueling our MV students with a new fire and pride for our school and staff. While COVID is mostly over, we still need to acknowledge how it affected the office workers at the front desk

“My goal or hope this year is to keep fewer kids in the attendance office” Mrs. Erika Curry, ‘Attendance Office.

Now that COVID is over, however, we are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel of endless restrictions and more fun for school.

“This year has definitely improved. “Less and less restrictions are getting us back to normal after COVID,” said Mrs. Sarah Watts, ‘Freshmen Counselor.

More staff and students had more to elaborate on when asked about last year.

“After COVID we took a step back and got put on auto-pilot, now we are back into it full speed ahead,” said Matt Gholson, Art.

Freshmen have experienced COVID for most of their middle school lives. They haven’t known any other kind of learning besides remote for a couple of years.

“During Opening Day it was a good turnout. When theater brought back the Opening Day skit it made me elated to see it back again,” spoke Mrs. Watts.

Advice is something we all need as a motivator to keep going. Someone of our students and staff has the perfect advice to push through the end of 2022. “Don’t skip class and take risks,”  said Kieran White, ‘23.

One of the best risks you can make is joining a club or sport you don’t know or haven’t ever played. It can be very intimidating, but the reward is better than the struggle.

“I think joining sports helped my mental health, especially during covid. It creates a sense of community” said by Prost.

Prost is one of our most known cheerleaders and is happy to have found her people.

“Expanding and finding your interests is what clubs are all about,” Gholson had said.

Gholson currently is the Teacher advisor for the Rams Audio Visual Club (A/V Club). Gholson see’s his A/V kids making a community for everyone and anyone even slightly interested in their club. Every club or sport can give you community to lean on in hard times.