High School Relationships


Gaige Sisney and Katie Pittman

Less than 2% of all high school relationships last long term. 

To figure out why that’s the case, some MV students weighed in on their take on relationships. 

“My type of female is a girl with a good personality, and can’t be taller than me” sorry about that, ” stated Demetrius Lenoir, ‘24. 

High school students do not seem to have a clear expectation on what they desire in a relationships. 

Lenoir added, “They got to be nice but not too toxic.”

Establishing what you are looking for is very important when looking at relationships. 

“I just want a woman,” said Aidan Weems, ‘24.

“I want a man that’s got to be taller than me, respectful, funny, and has glasses.” Stated Finley Clugston, ‘24.

Some MV students have some experience within what works and doesn’t work in a relationship.

“Lack of communication is a major flaw in relationships. I’m also not very good at commitment and I think I may be bipolar, ”said Clugston.

Sometimes problems occur in relationships and need to be worked out somehow.

Students relayed when conflict arises, what they do to stabilize the relationship.

“iMessage games,” stated Jesse Mills, ‘24.

However sometimes that’s not enough. 

“We talk it out through face to face conversations,” said Harrison Shields, ‘24.

But not all things in a high school relationship are problematic. 

Sometimes looking at the couple’s favorite memories of each other is enough to help out and bond the lovers in the relationship.

“When we were on a canoe and she snagged me on my hat with her pole,” Said Jackson Zirkelbach, ‘24.

“My favorite memory is probably when his dog was getting fixed and he acted like a sweet little dad.” Said Olivia Baumhoegger, ‘24.