An inside look of MV’s wrestling team’s attitude towards the 22-23 season


Allana Osborne and Maya Owen

Wrestling at MV seems to be overlooked and underappreciated. 

However within the past year the team has grown drastically, and the team seems to be more confident than ever.

What are the team’s expectations for this season?

“I expect to run through as many people as I can and have fun doing it,” stated Sean Harrington, ‘24.

“We are going to have a really good team and we hopefully will be sending a lot of people to state this year,” stated Faith Barrett, ‘24.

Within the past year MV’s wrestling team has received more recognition than they have in previous years before. Most of this can be credited to Coach Alejandro Wajner and his efforts to advertise wrestling.

“I didn’t know we had a team before, but. Alejandro, however, is doing an excellent job at advertising.” Harrington explained. 

Maddux Randall, ‘24, agreed “The previous coach did little to recruit kids to the team. We had six to seven kids my freshman year,” Randall said.

“I just think the kids wanted to find someone that they could relate to more. Myself and my staff are a bit younger and we can relate to the high school kids a bunch more.” explained Coach Alejandro Wajner, Athletic Department, as to why he believes there has been an increase in recent years of students joining the team.

Although the newfound appreciation for the team is exciting, recognition is not the most important thing to the team.

“The family you make and the bonds you get with the team, and winning,” Barrett explained, is the most important part of wrestling.

Mason Randall, ‘24, agreed that the connection between the coach and teammates is what matters the most.

Most people seem to assume sports like wrestling is something that you need to start at a young age to be successful in, but this is far from the truth.

Coach Wajner revealed ninth grade is when he started wrestling.

“I got beat up pretty bad my first year but I was seeing huge amounts of improvement the more I came. Next thing I knew I was beating guys on the team, then I was beating guys who used to beat men, then I was the best guy on the team. The key is consistency. All anyone has to do is show up and keep grinding.” Wajner stated.

With the 22-23 season approaching quickly, Barrett expressed her excitement towards going to state as well as the girls tournaments this year.

Despite the fact most of the team is experienced and has been wrestling for years, nerves still run high before a match.

“Before a match I feel anxious. Most of the time I spend before a match goes to getting my mind right.” described Maddux Randall. On the other hand, Harrington takes a more confident stance on his emotions before a match, “I try to feel nothing because if I feel for my opponent too much, I might hesitate.”