‘Tis the Season to Decorate for the Holidays


Faith Hayes and Olivia Baumhoegger

    Everyone has their own traditions for how they decorate for Christmas. 

    One of the biggest controversies of Christmas decorating is when to do it. 

    Most people decide to put up their Christmas decorations and tree after Thanksgiving.

    “Yes, but only after Thanksgiving,” stated Molly Hicks, ‘24. 

    “[The] day after Thanksgiving,” explained Amelia Lamont, ‘25.

    Some people get into the Christmas spirit sooner than others.

    Parker Reynolds, ‘24  replied, “We just put up our tree last night(November 8) and we’ll start decorating it over the weekend.” 

    With all of the decorating there were bound to be some mishaps that happened.

    Hicks said “My grandma has a tree that my cousins and I decorate every year and we shoot lights at the top, getting them stuck at the top of the tree.”

    And of course there were some mishaps that happened because of a furry friend.

    “Last year my grandparents’ dog stepped on one of the ornaments and the whole Christmas tree fell over,” stated Reynolds. 

    There are two main categories of decorations, indoor and outdoor, and most people enjoy indoor the most.

    Hicks said that she enjoys indoor decorations more because they make the house feel warm and welcoming.

    Lamont agreed stating “They are more enjoyable to be around and they remind me of being in a Hallmark movie.”

    One of the students chose indoor decorations, but for a different reason. 

    Reynolds commented “Indoor, it’s a lot easier to put up and it’s a lot warmer.”

    Of course everyone has their favorite Christmas memory.

    “My grandma has a ginormous tree and every year the cousins hang up their own special ornament.” said Hicks.

    Other people have very chaotic decorating memories. 

    Lamont told us the story of her grandpa winning the decorating contest, “My grandpa won a Christmas lights contest and got his electricity bill paid for the whole year. While he was decorating that same year he fell off the roof.”

    Everyone’s Christmas traditions and experiences have significant differences depending on where and who you spend your Christmas with, altogether, Christmas is a time of celebration and spending time with the people you love.