Timeless Qualities of Limitless Space


VERNOIS NEWS/livescience.com photo

Madeline Fiedler, News Editor

The Earth pales in comparison to the immeasurable cosmos we call the Universe. For as we look up, we watch our whole lives become a mere speck in the constant motion of infinity. Gazing upon the millions of stars, which gleam and glitter back at us, an overwhelming feeling encompasses each and every individual. For all we know, is that we can never compete with the timeless qualities of the sacred void. Stars, balls of gas, which resemble diamond dust tossed into the sky, are like a beacon of hope for all of the lost souls. Souls which have become trapped in the mesmerizing swirls of molten golds, polar whites, sequin silvers, and birthstone blues. 

Looking many light-years ahead, one may think of our galaxy as clusters, forever encaptivated in dance. Exoplanets flash and flicker into view, orbiting around their star, sharing an intimate march only they have ever replicated. Binary stars endlessly together, in their waltz of life. Planets, twirling around their star, create divine patterns in the otherworldly jet-black void.

Clouds of gas and dust form nebulae, which illuminate their surroundings with swirling colors of jade greens, gemstone blues, beetroot reds, and topaz yellows. Like moon dust scattered in the sky, they were formed by supernovas. Collapsing stars, which are filled with the fiery rage of hell. With nowhere else for the fire to go, it has no choice but to fulminate and detonate into millions of crushed bits and pieces of the once lively planet. Though with death, life is always following. With an explosion so powerful, atomic nuclei are born into existence. 

Dark energy, formidable, yet bizarre and bewitching at the same time. This energy is the cause of the limitless nature of our celestial spaces. Perpetually expanding, for billions of years, and years to come. However, it’s just as dangerous. For if it were to ever accelerate, it could rip our Universe apart. Stars will be ripped away from one another, solar systems won’t have the strength to stay together, and atoms will be ripped apart. 

Though even if that were to never happen, time would go on, and dark energy would make distant galaxies recede from us ever faster in our expanding Universe. But nothing truly disappears. As existing stars run out of fuel and cease to shine, the universe will slowly and inexorably grow darker.

This ocean of united masses is boundless and vast, but no matter how hard we try to understand it, it will remain forever incomprehensible to us meager humans. We are small compared to the enormous void that awaits us, no matter how important you think you are, we’re all just a blip in the expanding universe.