Seniors Last Semester


Alaina Maurer, Opinions Editor

For seniors, May 20 is coming quickly.

Several MV Seniors recently sat down with Vernois News to explain their thoughts about their last semester of high school.

The final semester has started and Ryan Bendersky described his feelings on the last semester of his high school career. 

“It’s truly a bittersweet feeling. Soon I will be reaching my last taste of high school life and I’m really gonna miss it. On the bright side, I am excited to start the next stage in my life.”

Dayton Harper and Bendersky explained how they think about how their last semester will go. Harper said, “ I think it will go smoother than last semester. My grades are much better already.” Bendersky added, “ The experience will be filled with what I enjoy doing and leaving a legacy for my underclassmen peers.”

Justice Malone stated what her plans are after this last semester. 

“After this semester I will be attending Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire to further my academic and athletic career. I am undecided in terms of what I would like to study.”

Bendersky replied to how he has prepared himself to get to his last semester. 

“I’m starting to adapt habits for when I am on my own next school year so I can be as prepared as possible for college dorm life. I have also given lots of my time to my favorite extracurriculars to teach others and enjoy my last bit of high school.”

Malone, Bendersky, and Harper identified who helped them get to their last semester at MV. Malone, “My basketball teammates helped me the most. I spent the majority of the last semester with. Every day I looked forward to seeing them after school as well as just spending my free time with them. They are the main reason I am who I am today. Bendersky said, “My mentors and teachers in my life provided me the opportunities and pathways to succeed and survive until the end of my high school career, while Harper added, “ Dr. VanZandt was my rock through it all. I was dealing with a lot of mental health issues and he never failed to lift me up and give me the help I needed.” 

Bendersky and Malone explained how they have managed to be through the pandemic during most of their high school years. Bendersky said, “Through the pandemic struck many negative connotations over two years in the Class of ‘23’s high school lives, myself and many other seniors managed this through strong work habits and long-distance communication during our time remote learning.” Malone said, “ Prior to the pandemic, I was already burnt out and I needed a break. The pandemic helped me and taught me a lot of lessons. The pandemic mainly gave me a break from all the stress I was going through and I am very grateful for that.”

Harper, Malone, and Bendersky told how their four years of high school have flown by.

Harper said, “Oh definitely! I think the pandemic made it fly. Malone stated, “ Yes, I think they have gone by very quickly. It started with COVID-19, and then the hybris schedule made days go by much quicker. They say time flies when you are having fun, and I will admit, I have had so much fun here at MVTHS.” Bendersky added, “ Honestly high school has flown by so fast and it’s hard to reason how. Four years of discovery, enjoyment, growth, hardship, and many other experiences fill everyone’s high school careers yet once it’s over, it feels like it was your first day of freshman year just yesterday.”

Bendersky and Malone explained what they could change about their last four years of high school. Bendersky said, “ In my high school years I made tons of wrong decisions but I do not think I would change anything. From each fault I experienced, I learned and grew into a better person. Malone said, “ I would not change anything. All the predicaments I have been in have taught me some valuable lessons. If it was not for these experiences, I would not be who I am today.”

Bendersky said, “ To underclassmen and incoming freshmen: High school is the time for you to truly discover yourself and set yourself apart from others. Get involved, try new things, and do not take your time in high school for granted because it flies by faster than you think.”