MV students require flexible learning


Grace Mathews, News Editor

Even though MV has a lot of different classes and a lot of different teachers, the freshmen class teachers are limited. Being put into teams to organize the classes can both be good and bad.

When freshmen when are placed on a team, there are certain teachers assigned to each team for each subject.

Having the same teacher throughout freshman year has its ups and downs.

If students get stuck with a teacher they don’t like or a teacher that doesn’t teach very well it can be hard to catch up before sophomore year.

If they have a really good teacher that they like, once they become sophomores they probably won’t have that teacher again since they’re not a freshman anymore.

Having a different variety of teachers for each subject can allow the students to find the teacher that they think teaches them best and one that can teach to the level of their ability.

Getting stuck with a bad teacher who doesn’t know how to teach the subject and struggles to get the lesson across to the student could potentially set them back when they go into the sophomore year not knowing much about that subject because the teacher they had before couldn’t teach it to them the way it needed to be taught.

All students learn differently.

If they have a disruptive class and a teacher who isn’t recognizing the distractions going on it couldn’t make it even more difficult to learn.

I think if you have a teacher that you like and can connect with then you will be more successful in that class.

If you aren’t motivated to learn something when it comes time to learn it you won’t be interested in it and won’t want to do it.

If teachers taught a lesson in a way that will spark the student’s attention and get them interested in it, it is more likely that the students will excel more and comprehend the lesson better.