What “We” Have Done

What “We” Have Done

Madeline Fiedler, News Editor

Water, so stunning as it calmly flows over the horizon, sparkling, as beams of sunlight hit it just right, coming down over the skyline. The salty breeze so effortlessly calms one’s mind, as it gently blows, curling around the creatures who reside in its path. The wind speaks of tales long forgotten, tales that left one’s mouth and were taken with the gale. It reminds us of the swaying grass beneath our feet, of our hopes and dreams that were tossed out long ago. It reminisces about the times it was able to rustle in the trees, flowing through the hundreds of leaves and branches intertwined with one another. Being able to move the fur on a mouse, and the hair of a king.

Now it screams in agony. For it remembers when our waters used to be crystal clear. However, it looks much different than years past. Plastic now engulfs every crevice of our once prospering planet. As us humans have caused a plague that will beset our ecosystem, slowly choking the lives out of each and every creature who was a victim of our carelessness.

Like a disease that spreads and spreads, it’s infected everything. What used to be lush forests, that shined with a viridescent glow, and leaves, falling gently, as they rode the calm wind, are now desolate wastelands. The once flourishing trees are wilted, and their vibrant leaves have decayed, being replaced with stray plastic bags that were thrown out, and carried with the breeze.

Blessed are we to be able to share our world with the other animals who live here, but pity on them, as they’re stuck with a curse which pesters them relentlessly. Animals being hunted to extinction, just for the sake of our wants and desires to be fulfilled. However, those lucky to remain will no doubt starve. As their food source is absent, for they too, were all killed. Now the only source of nourishment for them is the litter scattered about, taking on the shape of our new ground.

The magnificent ocean, with its hypnotic thumping of the waves. The murmurs we hear speak of stories never written down in history. An abyss of freedom, but currently crowded with our filth. Sea life is choking on the plastic rings we toss out, and runoffs produced by factories are contaminating our waters with toxins. All of this is a by-product of human activities, we are the ones wreaking havoc on Mother Earth.

Being able to breathe in, feeling the steadiness of your heartbeat, and the flow of air slowly fill your lungs. Life comes in, and expands throughout your body, leaving no place untouched. Like a wave of euphoria, too much will end up suffocating you. Our once crisp air has been replaced with smog. It’s like a blanket of smoke, only designed to unfurl and consume our entire atmosphere. 

All humans are affected by this invasion, and many are to blame for this massacre. In due time, we’ll see the results from years of tarnish. Only when we realize that all the trees are gone, all the animals are dead, air has rotten, land has crumpled, and the water has dried up, we’ll still be unable to deny our own greed.