Student Services benefit and support students


Madeline Fiedler, News Editor

Student Services is a place where students can go to get help with school related issues, whether it be college and career support or academic aid.

Ms. Nealy Hamson, school counselor, stated, “We are what I consider to be the hub of the school. We are staffed with four school counselors, three social workers, two administrative assistants and one assistant principal.”

Even with all the help from the other workers, this is still a very difficult job to do.

Ms. Hamson mentioned “I am a problem solver by nature, and the hardest part of my job is to have a student who is facing a difficult issue that is not easily solved despite every effort put forth.”

Nonetheless, Student Services is a beneficial service for all students, and the students don’t ever forget to show their appreciation.

Ms. Hamson commented, “I feel the love from my students when I walk through the halls, go into a classroom or see them outside of school.  I feel like my students are like my own children. Oftentimes I am proud, sometimes I am disappointed, but regardless every day I want what’s best for them and want to see them be successful.”

Student Services is extremely important to the environment of MV, and it supports students in every way possible.

Ms. Hamson noted “Every student deserves the type of support that Student Services can offer.  I think every school should have a Student Services office to support students. We have some high schools in our area that only have a part-time school counselor and no social worker.  We are very fortunate here at MVTHS to have the Student Services team that we do.” and, “I am very proud to be a part of the Student Services department.  I work with a wonderful group of colleagues who dedicate themselves to serving students and families.”