Student Council leads winter spirit week


Mikanda Wilkey, Staff

MV Student Council requires a lot of responsibility for members as they plan events.  Co- Advisor Dr. Jamey VanZandt and Executive Board members Justice Malone and SayJe Taylor explain more. 

Dr. VanZandt explained what he enjoys about the Student Council. “I have always enjoyed serving as a foundation for student activity planning across campus. Student Council coordinates Homecoming, too, which is always a lot of fun,” Dr. VanZandt stated.

“ All of the various activities we partake in to help people and adding some fun to the student body is what I enjoy about the foundation. On a personal level I really do enjoy being someone that other Council members can confide in,” Malone stated.

“I enjoy the bond that we all have as a Council and lead the student body,” Taylor mentioned.

Student Council planned our recent winter Spirit Week following with a pep rally on Friday, February 3rd. A few positive and negative things that affected this week were identified.

“Students and staff loved the spirit days! I really enjoyed seeing the vintage Ram apparel on Friday. Due to the weather on Monday we had an E-learning day which made us combine Monday and Tuesday together making it dress as your favorite staff member or jersey day,” Dr. VanZandt said. 

“The pep rally went really well! We were able to have an amazing week, the best thing to happen that week was the pep rally,” Taylor added.

“I thought spirit week went well. It was very simple and easy for others to do. Then ending the week out with a very exciting pep rally made things even better,” Malone stated.

The Student Council explained their plans for the pep rally and how the week played out.

“We spent about three weeks on pep rally and activity week planning. We always design a script and reach out to all participants. It’s a lot of behind the scenes planning to make it all come together,” Dr. Vanzandt said.

“We planned for the pep rally by first getting winter sports, clubs, and organizations that needed recognition, then followed by games that we could play. After we get these items finalized, putting the rest in place is easy,” Malone mentioned.

“The Executive Board took our plans for the week to the Admin and they approved it,” Taylor stated.

MV is hosting the Little Egypt District Of  Student Councils Convention on March 9th.  It will include other schools.

“This involves the gathering of all schools in our district to award and recognize schools for their hard work that took place during the school year. This convention will also include a speaker to help everyone with their leadership skills,” Malone stated. 

“I am chairing the event of around 500 people and it will consist of about 10-15 schools and we will have a guest speaker named Ted Wiese that will talk more about leadership,” Taylor added.
Dr.VanZandt added “I am very pleased with a newer initiative, the Culture Committee. So far, the installation of painted morals, barn quilts, the “When I Lift you up” sculpture, Changnon door wraps, bulletin boards, and after improvements across campus have happened. Very pleased with the work of this committee, spearheaded in 2019-20 by Emma Bendersky and Grant Smith. The Culture Committee is currently working on installation of a vintage Rams stained glass window, additional morals, and motivational quotes on walls throughout campus.”