Lady Rams clinch South Seven Conference Title


Cam Meyer, Editor In-Chief

The Lady Rams are South Seven Conference Champions for the third consecutive year.

“Winning the South 7 is always a goal of every member school,” said Head Coach Jeff Lonnon, “It feels really good to finish ahead of all of them. This is our 3rd conference title in a row and we have a conference winning streak of 27 wins in a row.”

The Lady Rams are not only Conference Champions but were able to accomplish the feat of going 8-0 in conference competition, leaving the conference play-winning streak sitting at 27-0.

“Winning the conference has been a goal since the beginning of this season. For us to come out and achieve this goal felt amazing,” stated shooting guard Justice Malone ‘23.

The Lady Ram’s conference clinching moment came against the Marion Wildcats on February 2, in a defeat of the Lady Wildcats 83-60.

This was only their second-closest conference game, following only behind their contest against Althoff Catholic, which ended in a 15-point deficit for the Lady Crusaders.

“I felt great about winning the conference because I had my family and teammates by my side the whole time! If it wasn’t for the encouragement from the coaches, people in the stands, and the people on the bench we wouldn’t be where we are today! I am very thankful for the team that I have and I wouldn’t trade anyone,” stated center Alaina Maurer, ‘23.

Winning the conference wasn’t the only achievement made in this game as Coach Lonnon collected his 350th career win.

“As far as 350, it’s an individual accomplishment that wouldn’t be possible without all the players I’ve coached for 23 seasons. Also, I tend to not focus or reflect much on personal achievement. There will be time for that one day when I retire,” stated Coach Lonnon.

The Lady Rams currently sit with a record of 27-6, falling to Taylorville on their senior night with a final score of 54-59.

“I can’t wait for what the future holds for our team now and when us seniors are gone! No matter what happens we will always be a family,” Maurer said.

“The senior night went well despite the fact that we lost the game. I a very appreciative of everyone that attended our game as well as the band that came out to support us,” Malone said “It’s not every night that we get the band at our games, so for them to be present made our day even better.”

The Lady Rams defeated Marion in Regional play on Monday, Feb. 13, giving the Lady Rams their third Regional championship in a row.