MV Powerlifting provides help to others


Ryan Bendersky, Editor In-Chief

Interested in competing in a sport of pure strength and technique? What about personalized help with your strength and mental training? This can all be achieved by MV’s brand new program.

Powerlifting, a sport where competitors aim to lift the most possible weight, but this is just one of the things that this club offers. Senior Jude Erasmus founded this organization to fit to as many MV students as possible who are willing to learn and grow in their training.

Erasmus shared, “I am passionate about the sport and I felt as if there was a demand for it on campus so I wanted to introduce it as a club. Ms. Tammy Martin offered to be the advisor, however, I will conduct most of the club’s proceedings.”

Many have not heard of the sport of powerlifting; Erasmus hopes this push will bring light to his passion.

“Powerlifting is a relatively niche sport so hopefully, by doing this it will gain popularity and create a generation of stronger individuals,” Erasmus added.

Creating stronger individuals is one of the main goals of this program. Erasmus explained how this goal is achieved.

“The club operates through personalized programming that members will use throughout the year with the goal of competing in mind. They will have access to coaching, programming, and a fun learning environment that teaches them more about the sport and what their bodies are capable of,” Erasmus mentioned.

MV powerlifting forms to it’s members needs to create a beacon of personal growth for others. 

“The sport also allows you to chase physique goals which could lead to increased self-esteem and other positive mental aspects,” Erasmus added.

Some may think that competing in a sport like powerlifting would be overwhelmingly difficult and confining.

Erasmus responded, “My favorite part about powerlifting is that you can dictate how difficult you want the sport to be. You have control over the weights you select as well as the movements.”

The sport of powerlifting creates opportunities for one’s individuality to be exposed to growth physically and mentally. “Crafting more well-rounded MV students” is a goal that is sought by this organization. 

If interested, do not hesitate to contact Erasmus, [email protected], for more information on starting your personalized journey of betterment and competition in powerlifting.