Play, “Senior Year,” by Drew Baldridge


Anna James, AP Contributor

Over the past four years, seniors have missed out on many in-person high school experiences. As sophomores at MV when the pandemic started. They learned to become more flexible with scheduling, and learning on a hybrid schedule. Are our seniors feeling excited about graduating soon and moving on from MV?

Speaking to many seniors, they disclosed they were nervous about leaving, but also extremely excited.

Francisco Neto, 23’, talked about his experiences at MV, ”I liked how everything was different here, I really enjoyed the people here, everyone accepted me even though I came here later in the year.” Francisco came to MV from Brazil. 

Pepe Garcia, ’23 stated, “I am happy I spent my senior year here in the US, I considered it as a way of stepping out of my comfort zone.” Pepe is an exchange student here at MV, he traveled here from Spain. 

With a lot of our athlete’s seasons coming to a close, it’s been hard to end it.

“I practiced with my team for the last time. It was very emotional but worth all the hard work to prepare for state,” Said Regan Shmidt, ‘23. MV’s dance team competes on Saturday the 11, making it the last time our seniors will dance together. 

Callie Prost, ’23, added, “I’m looking forward to having my cheer and dance banquets, allowing me to fully close the door in those sports.” 

Emotionally how is MV feeling about seniors leaving? 

Morgan Goodheart, ’24, said, “I’m going to be really sad when their last day comes, but I’m happy to see what the future holds for them” 

Emily Swan, ’24 added, “I am sad to see them go, but I can’t wait for our senior year.”  

Most of our seniors grew up together, They have spent much of their lives in the same classes.

Caroline Hall, 23’, said, “It’s sad, I’m gonna miss them, but at the same time I’m ready to move on and go my own way” 

Jackson Snodsmith, ‘23, stated,” Graduation is coming very fast, but I’m excited for what is to come next.” 

Looking back on the year, some events were more memorable than others. 

Charlie Houle, ‘23, said, “The pinkout game is one of, if not, the best MV sporting event I watched.”

Justice Malone ‘23, added, “My favorite moment has to be the student’s VS. staff basketball game at the winter pep rally.” 

SayJe Taylor, ‘23, added, “My favorite part of senior year was homecoming, I had such a good time with all my friends, making memories.”

The emotions are high, whether they are somber or cheerful. 

Kaleb Morgan, 23’ added, “I am very upset that I have to leave behind all the people I’ve  made connections with, I also really hate leaving Mr. Morrison, he was the best teacher here.” 

“I am ready for graduation, but at the same time not, It’s bittersweet about having to grow up.” said, Kush Patel, ‘23. 

MV wishes you seniors the best of luck in the future.