Band Unveils New Uniforms


Madeline Fiedler, Managing Editor

Many students should be familiar with MV’s band uniforms, since they have remained unchanged since 1993.

The uniforms have been the same for 30 years, however they’ve undergone a recent change..

Mr. David Mateyka, band director, stated, “We changed the design of the uniform to line the design up with the modern era. The previous uniforms, while very nice, were designed more with older military bands in mind, whereas the new uniforms are designed with the “sleek” look of most modern marching uniforms.”

Jackson Snodsmith, ‘23, mentioned, “I like them a lot. They have a much more modern and sleek look. You can also tell who we are and where we’re from just by looking at the uniforms, which is something you couldn’t do with the old ones.”

With all this talk about the new and improved uniforms, one might overlook how it was made.

Mr. Mateyka added, “The new uniforms were designed and produced by a company called DeMoulin, one of the leading marching band uniform companies in the country. They are based very close by in Greenville, IL and have provided us with the highest quality of service throughout the entire process.”

However, most students haven’t yet seen the new uniforms.

Snodsmith commented, “We’ve heard nothing but good things about the new uniforms, though we’ve still yet to do an official unveiling and most haven’t seen them in person yet.”

We can only hope that these new uniforms shine more light on band, and show how dedicated they are to their talent.