MV shares Valentines Day opinions and plans


Ryan Bendersky, Editor In-Chief

Valentine’s Day is a time for fun, people you love, and lots of candy. MV students share their favorite parts of this holiday

Molly Federici, ‘26, added, “Bringing/getting presents for friends.”

Hannah Lowery, ‘24, shared, “I love getting to see the different ways people express their love for one another on Valentine’s Day.”

Many at MV share a similar procedure and opinions going into this holiday, spending time with loved ones and appreciating them. What are our students’ favorite memories attached to this holiday?

Kaitlynn Delaney, ‘26, answered, “Whenever my boyfriend bought me red roses for valentine’s day.”

“My mom surprised me with lots of candy and flowers,” Aaliyah Hubbard, ‘25, added.

Many great memories of the efforts of our loved ones to make us feel appreciated take hold of money Valentine’s day memories. MV students also take on different opinions, some shared what they dislike about this annual endeavor.

Cassie White, ‘23, expressed, “Having to deal with the cringey couples kissing in the hallways.”

“[I dislike the] couples feeling the need to makeout in the hallway. I suppose they do that all year though,” Zuri Das, ‘25, shared.

PDA around this time seems to draw many students away from the joy of Valentine’s Day. When asked about their liking for this holiday, 43% at MV stated that they enjoy Valentine’s Day and the rest had mixed feelings between not minding and disliking the holiday.

Regardless of opinion diversity, we can all agree that Valentine’s day is a convenient time to exchange gifts with and appreciate our loved ones.