All Gas, No Brake


Alaina Maurer, Opinions Editor

My senior year of basketball has come to an end. It is very hard to leave my teammates that I had spent every day with over the past few years. My coaches have helped me become more confident and want to work harder on and off the court. 

My teammates and I have created a bond that no one can break. We have been through a lot together. The night that we lost to Highland in the Sectional Championship was the night that hurt a lot of people including us players. Some memories about that night were when Coach Lonnon called a time out and he was talking to us. I looked at everyone when us players were sitting on the chairs and I saw everyone look at me and I could tell they thought it was over.  That night was an experience that no one is going to forget. The Lady Rams record was 28-7. We had tied the school record, which to me was an amazing experience. Last year’s season we were in the shadow of the seniors. This year, we showed everyone that we should have played more last year than we did.  Many people, including parents, knew that we should have gone all the way to the State Championship, but we did not, our season had to end sooner or later.

During this season the teams that we lost to, I look back and think that we could have defeated them if we had the confidence that we had at the end of the season. 

I want to thank the assistant coaches for always believing in us ever since we started. In the locker room after the Sectional Championship game, I have never felt like I was a part of something that no one else has. I feel like The Lady Rams Basketball Team of 2023 will never be forgotten. I felt like we could have gone a lot farther than we did but I am still very glad that relationships were made and we will always be a family.