Rams Reach Iconic 2K Milestone


Dayton Harper, Staff

The Rams men’s basketball team reached 2000 wins on January 20 against Carbondale.

“It was an amazing opportunity to be able to be a part of such a huge milestone. We were lucky to get to be a piece of history, but all of the teams before us were a huge part in our program’s traditions,” stated Colin McClure, ‘23, regarding how it felt reaching the big 2K. 

The team worked hard and strong with the goal of 2000. 

“As a team, we work hard every day, and we just worry about one game at a time. The players and coaches that played before us put in countless hours of work to contribute to the tradition that our program was built on,” added McClure. 

With this mindset, Rams set it right. 

“As a team, we just try to take one possession at a time and play as hard as we can.”. exclaimed McClure. 

MV’s men’s basketball is only one out of five teams across the state of Illinois to be able to reach the 2000 wins milestone. 

McClure reflected, “Not many teams have the opportunity to be able to reach this milestone, and it just shows a lot about our program over the years,”

Each player has their own amount of wins and points. But Colin has his own number. 

“I have only played my junior and senior year, so I have played in 43 of our wins so far.”

The Rams have truly been record-setting this season. Go Rams!