Bacon to Best Friend


Dayton Harper, Staff

I never thought a pig named Bacon would give me the best friend I needed. 

There is a cute little pig that really lives the most chaotic life ever. He also lives across the street from me. He is normally a lap pig, like a lap dog but you know, it is a pig. He always wants love and rubs, and popcorn if you have it. He will follow you anywhere, especially if you have popcorn.

On New Year’s day, I got a message from my neighbor letting me know Bacon was at her residence. I immediately got dressed to go retrieve Bacon. The neighborhood knows me as the “Bacon retrieval person”. I tried to get Bacon home by just leading him back to his residence, a homemade bin with a dog house for weather protection. He would not budge. Mr. Bacon kept following me anywhere I went. I needed a break from the little pig trying to bite me due to his hunger being extreme. I ran into Dollar General right up the road from Bacon’s house. That is where I meet Alex. Alex bought popcorn and helped me get Bacon back home. Alex’s manager even called the cops to try and help, even though we had it under control. 

Since then, Alex and I have been friends nonstop. We are either talking on SnapChat for hours on end, in the hallways or im at Dollar General visiting him. Alex is truly one to always have in my life. His appearance in my life has given me comfort in the worst of my days, new friends and just truly has been my biggest fan. Anything I do in life, he is always like Maddy McGear in Cars 3 as Lightning McQueen flys by. Even outside of our friendship, he is always sure to make sure everyone is comfortable and safe around him. Alex is one I can actually trust and feel safe around, almost like a big brother is protective over his little sister. Though in this case, I am two years older than Alex. 

I am forever thankful for the friendship that this little cute, sometimes vicious pig has given me. I would not have met Alex if it was not for Bacon. As Taylor Swift would say in ‘Enchanted’- “It was enchanting to meet you- All I know is, I was enchanted to meet you-”