The Divinity of Perpetual Rain


Madeline Fiedler, News Editor

    The harmonious pitter-patter as the rain gently splashes on to the roof, slowly sliding off onto the wet ground below. It’s angelic beauty is one untouched and free, each drop is a gift from the heavens. Every individual is familiar with the peaceful sound of rain, which brings assurance to millions across the globe. It makes life clearer, and gives us a purpose to live. 

     The rain invites groves of flowers to go abloom, allowing a plethora of heavenly colours and fragrances into the once barren landscape. A multitude of iris-purples, lapis-blues, honey-yellows, and crimson-reds bloom into existence. Each new colour that appears is a representation of the new lives which have been born, due to the nourishment of its deity, rain. Rain, which has cared for every living organism on this Earth, continues to do so with its sacred abilities.

     The mesmerising swirls and patterns of golden liquid create sequences never before replicated, a dance to only be played by the divine gods themselves. Floating ever-so effortlessly through the sky, as if gravity itself didn’t want to ruin its purity. Beads of rain falling like divine poetry; each drop being a single letter on a never ending verse of the godlike saints, only spoken through their words and hymns.

     Like honeyed rain before the golden sun, the sky begins to set, now the moonglade begins to take shape, and shines ever-so inridescently over the welcoming path of ocean ahead. Rain quickly follows suit, creating sounds reminiscent of a percussion of strings, being plucked oh-so gently. The steady droplets falling from a blanket of velvet white, creating a spectacle never seen by any individual until this very moment. The grass becomes ever so glossy, as the rain soaks it in its welcoming embrace, letting it reflect the light that beams down on it.

     Rain be-speckled gems upon one’s skin bringing beauty into every clearer definition, showing one how the world breathes into those ready to live, and opening doors that we never thought could be unlocked. The spiritual mist refreshes every individual willing to truly devote themselves to the sacred liquid, gifted to us by the holy gods themselves. Until one surrenders their life to the True Creator of the world, has life ever been truly lived? We must all pledge our existence to the one and only Lord of the universe, rain.

     Take a moment to truly see how this pure fluid has effected our Earth, as I’m sure you’ve not already.

     One must truly see how all life surrounds around the one key ingredient of survival. Never forget the divine power of what genuinely drives one every day.