Out of Public View: Teacher Stress

Out of Public View: Teacher Stress

Madeline Fiedler, News Editor

Students aren’t the only ones who get stressed.

Teachers also have to deal with the struggles of stress, along with day-to-day and personal life at the same time.

What do staff members feel about their stress?

A stressor for Mr. Pierce Borah, History, stated, “I have so much to do without enough time.”

Do other factors contribute to teacher stress, besides the enormous amount of work they have to endure?

Mrs. Courtney Mays, Math, mentioned that one of her stressors was, “When I come back from a sick day, and teachers steal my pencils and pens.”

Other teachers can be a reason for stress, but it may not be like that for everyone.

“I feel like most teachers relieve my stress, and give me ideas for lessons,” commented Mrs. Tayrn Zapp, English.

Students might be an additional factor in intensifying stress for teachers, but they could also help the teachers too. 

Mr. Ryan Holden, Science teacher, noted that, “Most of the time, students who cause my stress make me a better educator.” 

Stress may also effecting personal life, adding more to worry about in a teacher’s life.

Mrs. Mays stated, “Things that my kids do at home stress me more than they normally would.”

Stress is always seen as a concept to avoid, but is it possible to have positive stress?

Dr. Jamey VanZandt, Vernois News Advisor and AP teacher, replied, “I feel as if I experience a tremendous amount of ‘good stress’- in the midst of teaching and advising, I get to do a lot of fun things,” and “It can be overwhelming, but it also motivates me to do good work.”

Moreover, how do they deal with all this stress?

Mr. Borah mentioned, “My stress reliever is my family, fishing, and working out.”

Dr. VanZandt added, “I can destress by turning on Santana or Pearl Jam.”

Although many other teachers gave differing answers on what their stress relievers were, ranging from listening to music, praying, and the most commonly shared answer, hanging out with family.

“All jobs have stress,” commented Mrs. Zapp.

Also, many teachers here at MV have a spouse they work with too.

“It’s great having a partner to share that stress with,” stated Mr. Holden, “One who understands what’s like like being a teacher.”

Nonetheless, from time to time one is unable to control the stress that ails them.

“I have adopted this philosophy to limit myself to the things I can control,” announced Mrs. Mays. 

Occasionally, stress can seem like something to hide from others, something to be ashamed of, or a thing to keep deep down in your body and to not let it resurface.

Mr. Holden noted, “Stress can often be seen as a taboo thing, but hiding it prevents the proper ways of dealing with it,” and “If you let it consume you, that’s no solution.”

Stress can come in many different ways and forms, the trick is to find what works for you, and figure out the best ways to deal with it. 

“I have no reason not to just work it out,” added Mr. Holden.

Stress is found everywhere, just don’t let it be your breaking point.