Madness of March in National Sports

Consisting of spring training, the greatest tournament on Earth, and playoff pushes, March is unrivaled when it comes to excitement in sports


Cam Meyer, Editor In-Chief

One month of sports can mean so much to an onlooking fan. If you are a fan of every sport, like I am, there are always those special months that one looks forward to. January has the College Football National Championship, NFL playoff games, and the Royal Rumble for wrestling fans, February has the Super Bowl and Daytona 500, June has the NBA Draft and College World Series, October has the World Series, and April has WrestleMania, the Masters and NFL Draft, but even with all of those other special events to look forward to in other months, my favorite one sports-wise has to be March. 

Let’s start with the tournament that is named specifically after this month, which is, in my opinion, the greatest tournament on Earth, March Madness. March Madness alone could make a case for March to be the best sports month of the year, leaving 10.7 million viewers glued to their television screens during the 2022 NCAA tournament, according to There’s no better feeling than when watching a game in class, an upset happens or a buzzer beater caps off an amazing game.

Sticking with basketball, along with adding another sport in the same boat, the NBA and NHL have their regular seasons coming to a close and we realize who are real contenders and pretenders. The regular season playoff races come down to the wire throughout March. With the playoff picture taking shape, every game becomes just as important as the next, drawing in even casual fans to tune in to some extra games. I never watch hockey during the start and middle of the season, but when it comes late-season and playoff time I will tune in for a few games.

The start of Spring Training in the MLB allows fans to see the first looks at the team’s newest acquisitions and prospects signed or drafted during the season. Some of those acquisitions may not be able to be with the team due to another great tournament put on during March though. The World Baseball Classic ranks right up there with the World Cup and March Madness when it comes to great tournaments and that’s for good reason. Occurring every three years, the WBC brings together the greatest currently playing superstars from around the world, split into 20 teams. Most recently, Japan defeated the United States 3-2 to bring a trophy home to the East, with Japanese superstar Shohei Ohtani batting .435 along with pitching to a 1.86 ERA, according to

Football, though the NFL is in its offseason, has its fair share of things to be proud of in March. First, the main alternative to the NFL, the XFL starts up its season. The NFL also is at its peak of draft speculation, with fans wondering who’s going to go number one. Finally, the NFL also has its annual free agency period where free agents sign to new teams and shake up the league to create new contenders and leave others rebuilding.

All around, though some may come close, I do not believe any month can match what March does when it comes to full-on sports entertainment.