Watch Out


Mikanda Wilkey, Staff

On April 17, MV Student Council hosted its Dodgeball Tournament to kick off Spring Fling Week here in Changnon Gymnasium.

SayJe Taylor, Student Council member Executive Treasurer and Dodgeball Committee Co-Chair, explained more.

“I thought the tournament turned out well. We could’ve had more teams, but everyone seemed like they had a lot of fun,” Taylor stated.

Students made their own teams and devised the planning process for the game so the team could win.

Students signed up through their email and listed the five people on their team, “I created a Google Doc and had Mrs. Williamson send it out to every student through their email,” Taylor said.

The dodgeball tournament was a success this year, although there could always have been changes made. 

“For next time, I definitely would have planned earlier because of some problems we ran into the day before the tournament with the gym, so next time I would definitely plan earlier,” Taylor shared.