Dudley thanks MV staff members from his years


Kolton Dudley, Staff Photographer

Well, my time has come, and graduation is nearly upon us. Unfortunately this is my last year at MV and there’s a few I’d like to recognize.

Mr. Jeremy Mays

– My freshman English teacher and by far my favorite teacher. You taught me that no matter how hard times get we always get through them. You were the first teacher to recognize my talents even when I didn’t feel gifted. I am proud of the teacher you’ve become for your students. You have so much knowledge to teach from and I wish I could’ve learned more from you but thanks to Covid we got cut off early. You have a great attitude and I know that you love every single one of your students. I was proud to learn under you.

Mrs. Holly Davis

– American Literature was my favorite english class aside from Mr. Mays freshman class. I enjoy learning from you and you were most definitely a teacher that I looked up to. You care about your students’ education and unfortunately not every teacher does. Paper Towns was my favorite novel that whole year. (Not because you let us read the cuss words out loud) although I thoroughly enjoyed that. You have taught me patience. You believed in me even when we weren’t on the same page. Also I love your love for disney anything.

Mrs. Melanie Andrews

– I am proud of you. I am proud that you became the superintendent at our school and I know you’ve earned it. I love your patience, someday I want to have the patience you do. I admire that you always try to find the good in people and not let the negative things define a person. I admire your leadership, there is nobody greater who can run this school just as well as you. I know it’s a stressful job but it’s definitely worth it in the long run. Thank you for all that you do.

Mrs. Amanda Headen

– What a ride it has been. I started foods I my freshman year and stayed with you all the way until Culinary Arts I. I am thankful that you never gave up on me either. You have always been an inspiration and person I have looked up to over the years. I am proud to have been your student and I am proud of what you have accomplished as a teacher. Life has big things for you and they will be rewarding.

Dr. Jamey VanZandt

– Where do I start? I have always admired your metallic babies. I have always admired your dedication as the VPG Advisor, Student Council Advisor, and all the other things that you do. You are a prime example of a person who loves their job. You care about your students. When I gave up on myself, I always knew that you believed in me. I am especially proud of your accomplishments and that you got your doctorial because you’ve earned it. My life will definitely be forever changed when I graduate. You were the best teacher I had. What a short ride we have had together. One last thing, thank you for giving me a chance in VPG as a new student to you. I hope you get your dream to teach at McKendree University.