MV FBLA elect 2023-24 officer team


Cam Meyer, Editor In-Chief

When the end of a school year comes, that means the end of the tenure for the current Officer team, but when one Officer team end, another comes in its place.

MV FBLA held its annual end-of-the-year banquet, where members were rewarded with awards, seniors were recognized, and new Officers were elected.

Former Secretary Nolan Armstrong ‘24 was elected as the 2023-24 Chapter President.

“I ran for President because FBLA is my favorite club on campus, and I want to take it and further it. I also ran for it because I had a good idea of what I would be doing from the past two Presidents, Nathan and Jude,” stated Armstrong.

“My biggest goal is to add more community service events and fundraising since we´ll be able to help out the community more with service and do bigger things with the money we raise as a chapter. My goals also include raising our membership past 100+ people and getting many more members going to Area and State and then placing,” added Armstrong.

2022-23 Reporter Brylie Brands ‘24 was elected as the Chapter’s Vice President, becoming Nolan’s right-hand woman in all of the club’s upcoming endeavors.

“I ran for my position because I wanted to do more as an officer and be Nolan’s VP, of course,” Brands said.

“I have learned to not be shy and how to network well. I used to be super shy, believe it or not, and FBLA has put me into situations where I had to talk to strangers, and it made me more comfortable to continue to do so,” described Brands.

Alistair Clodi ‘26 decided after only one year in FBLA that he wanted to make a run for FBLA Office, and he was successful in his pursuit, gaining the position of Treasurer.

“I was sitting in the front row at FBLA Illinois SLC, and at that moment, I knew that I wanted to become more involved within the Chapter, Area, and eventually State levels. FBLA general assembly inspired me to continue FBLA more seriously, and I decided I wanted to possess leadership roles at each of those levels one day. Serving as our Chapter’s Treasurer this upcoming school year is the first step as I begin this journey,” described Clodi.

Mazie Eilerts ‘25 served as the 2022-23 Treasurer and decided to succeed Armstrong in the role of Secretary.

“I ran for Secretary because being Secretary means taking notes during biweekly meetings and keeping all of our members up to date on the happenings in the chapter, and that just seemed like something I would excel at,” asserted Eilerts.

2022-23 Historian McKenzie Hughes ‘25 decided she was fine where she was at with her position, going on to her second year as FBLA Historian.

“I had the same position last year and really enjoyed it and found it fit my skill set well,” said Hughes.

As for Reporter, I ran for the position and came out on top, and my reasoning for wanting to become an Officer was that I just wanted to become more involved.

As Reporter, I’ll be in charge of the social media, and with many events going on inside of FBLA, I want to make sure people are up to date with our happenings.

With events such as Broadcast Journalism, Sports Communications, and Journalism, FBLA has plenty of opportunities for me to compete at the state or even national level in categories I enjoy, and as Reporter, I hope I gain skills from my Officer duties that can be brought into competition.

“If you´re not in FBLA, you should definitely join this school year. It is fun and really allows you to grow depending on how much you challenge yourself with it,” stated Armstrong.